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Remember to submit your moth records

Jan and I been trapping moths on and off for a year or three now. And for those of you who don’t know, we have a small garden right in the centre of Southampton. Surrounded by pubs, clubs, street lights and neon. We think we’re doing well if we get half a dozen moth records (or sometimes one moth) – let alone half a dozen species.

Nevertheless, over the weekend we decided to submit our records to the National Moth Recording Scheme. After all, citizen science is made up of millions of individual records. It took a little time, but all our records from our little garden are now adding to the sum of human knowledge about the distribution of moths in the UK.

Willow Beauty – Peribatodes rhomboidaria

And much to our surprise we submitted records for 145 different species. Not earth shattering. I know some moth trappers who wouldn’t be overly surprised to see 145 species from one evening’s trapping. But from our little garden, a little oasis of wild nature in the brick and concrete desert of Bevois Valley, 145 species are records worth knowing about.

If you’ve been making notes of the moths you see in your locality, make sure you submit the records. Every little helps.


You can use this system to enter, store, map and analyse your own moth records. You’ll also be able to see what other recorders have observed in your area and around the country, as well as contributing your records automatically to the National Moth Recording Scheme.

Moth records entered online will be passed to the appropriate County Moth Recorders for verification and incorporation into local datasets, before becoming part of the main National Moth Recording Scheme database. So you will not need to send your records separately to County Moth Recorders – the online recording system will do it all for you.

To start moth recording online, simply register here.

These are just a few of the moths we have recorded….

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This is the complete list of micro and macro moths (it shows 146 rather than 145 because of the inclusion of one aggregate as well as the two individual species):

1Acleris forsskaleanaAcleris forsskaleana
2Agonopterix alstromerianaAgonopterix alstromeriana
3Agriphila geniculeaAgriphila geniculea
4Agriphila selasellaAgriphila selasella
5Agriphila straminellaAgriphila straminella
6Amblyptilia acanthadactylaAmblyptilia acanthadactyla
7Anthophila fabricianaAnthophila fabriciana
8Apple Leaf MinerLyonetia clerkella
9Batia lunarisBatia lunaris
10Batia unitellaBatia unitella
11Batrachedra praeangustaBatrachedra praeangusta
12Bee MothAphomia sociella
13Blastobasis adustellaBlastobasis adustella
14Bramble Shoot MothEpiblema uddmanniana
15Brown House MothHofmannophila pseudospretella
16Bryotropha domesticaBryotropha domestica
17Bud MothSpilonota ocellana
18Caloptilia rufipennellaCaloptilia rufipennella
19Caloptilia syringellaCaloptilia syringella
20Catoptria falsellaCatoptria falsella
21Celypha lacunanaCelypha lacunana
22Cochylis hybridellaCochylis hybridella
23Codling MothCydia pomonella
24Crambus lathoniellusCrambus lathoniellus
25Cydia splendanaCydia splendana
26Diamond-back MothPlutella xylostella
27Diurnea fagellaDiurnea fagella
28Donacaula forficellaDonacaula forficella
29Emmelina monodactylaEmmelina monodactyla
30Endothenia marginanaEndothenia marginana
31Endotricha flammealisEndotricha flammealis
32Ephestia unicolorellaEphestia unicolorella
33Eudonia angusteaEudonia angustea
34Eudonia delunellaEudonia delunella
35Eudonia mercurellaEudonia mercurella
36Flax TortrixCnephasia asseclana
37Garden Grass-veneerChrysoteuchia culmella
38Gypsonoma dealbanaGypsonoma dealbana
39Large Clover Case-bearerColeophora trifolii
40Light Brown Apple MothEpiphyas postvittana
41Lozotaenia forsteranaLozotaenia forsterana
42Mompha raschkiellaMompha raschkiella
43Mother of PearlPleuroptya ruralis
44Ochsenheimeria urellaOchsenheimeria urella
45Oegoconia sp.Oegoconia sp.
46Pammene auritaPammene aurita
47Pammene fascianaPammene fasciana
48Pammene regianaPammene regiana
49Parornix anglicellaParornix anglicella
50Phlyctaenia coronataPhlyctaenia coronata
51Phycita roborellaPhycita roborella
52Platyptilia calodactylaPlatyptilia calodactyla
53Plum Fruit MothGrapholita funebrana
54Pyrausta aurataPyrausta aurata
55Red-barred TortrixDitula angustiorana
56Rusty-dot PearlUdea ferrugalis
57Scoparia ambigualisScoparia ambigualis
58Scoparia pyralellaScoparia pyralella
59Stenoptilia pterodactylaStenoptilia pterodactyla
60Synaphe punctalisSynaphe punctalis
61Tachystola acroxanthaTachystola acroxantha
62Udea fulvalisUdea fulvalis
63Variegated Golden TortrixArchips xylosteana
64Wax MothGalleria mellonella
65White-shouldered House MothEndrosis sarcitrella
66Ypsolopha ustellaYpsolopha ustella
67Angle ShadesPhlogophora meticulosa
68August ThornEnnomos quercinaria
69Beaded ChestnutAgrochola lychnidis
70Bright-line Brown-eyeLacanobia oleracea
71Brimstone MothOpisthograptis luteolata
72Brindled PugEupithecia abbreviata
73Broad-bordered Yellow UnderwingNoctua fimbriata
74Brown-tailEuproctis chrysorrhoea
75Bryophila domesticaBryophila domestica
76Buff ErmineSpilosoma luteum
77Caradrina clavipalpisCaradrina clavipalpis
78CinnabarTyria jacobaeae
79Clay Triple-linesCyclophora linearia
80Cloaked MinorMesoligia furuncula
81Common CarpetEpirrhoe alternata
82Common FootmanEilema lurideola
83Common Marbled CarpetDysstroma truncata
84Common PugEupithecia vulgata
85Common RusticMesapamea secalis
86Common WainscotMythimna pallens
87Common WaveCabera exanthemata
88Copper UnderwingAmphipyra pyramidea
89Dark ArchesApamea monoglypha
90Dark Sword-grassAgrotis ipsilon
91Dot MothMelanchra persicariae
92Double Square-spotXestia triangulum
93Double-striped PugGymnoscelis rufifasciata
94Dusky BrocadeApamea remissa
95Dwarf Cream WaveIdaea fuscovenosa
96Early GreyXylocampa areola
97Flame ShoulderOchropleura plecta
98Garden CarpetXanthorhoe fluctuata
99Garden DartEuxoa nigricans
100Garden TigerArctia caja
101Grey PugEupithecia subfuscata
102Heart and DartAgrotis exclamationis
103LackeyMalacosoma neustria
104L-album WainscotMythimna l-album
105Large Yellow UnderwingNoctua pronuba
106Least Yellow UnderwingNoctua interjecta
107Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow UnderwingNoctua janthe
108Lesser Treble-barAplocera efformata
109Lesser Yellow UnderwingNoctua comes
110Lime-speck PugEupithecia centaureata
111Lunar Yellow UnderwingNoctua orbona
112Magpie MothAbraxas grossulariata
113Maiden’s BlushCyclophora punctaria
114Marbled MinorOligia strigilis
115Mullein WaveScopula marginepunctata
116Old LadyMormo maura
117Orange SwiftHepialus sylvina
118PhoenixEulithis prunata
119Plain WaveIdaea straminata
120Riband WaveIdaea aversata
121RusticHoplodrina blanda
122Setaceous Hebrew CharacterXestia c-nigrum
123ShearsHada plebeja
124Shuttle-shaped DartAgrotis puta
125Silver YAutographa gamma
126Single-dotted WaveIdaea dimidiata
127Small Dotted BuffPhotedes minima
128Small Dusty WaveIdaea seriata
129Small Mottled WillowSpodoptera exigua
130Small Square-spotDiarsia rubi
131SnoutHypena proboscidalis
132Square SpotParadarisa consonaria
133Square-spot RusticXestia xanthographa
134Swallow-tailed MothOurapteryx sambucaria
135Tawny Speckled PugEupithecia icterata
136Treble-barAplocera plagiata
137Treble LinesCharanyca trigrammica
138Turnip MothAgrotis segetum
139Twin-spot CarpetPerizoma didymata
140UncertainHoplodrina alsines
141Uncertain/Rustic agg.Hoplodrina alsines/blanda
142VapourerOrgyia antiqua
143Vine’s RusticHoplodrina ambigua
144Willow BeautyPeribatodes rhomboidaria
145Yellow-barred BrindleAcasis viretata
146Yellow ShellCamptogramma bilineata