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Bioblitz – Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo is hosting another bioblitz on Sunday 15th September, and they are looking for people with some expertise to help with the identification of species that are observed.

I think Marwell can identify this one themselves….

Whether you are confident across a range of species or an expert in just one family, Marwell Zoo will want to hear from you. They are looking for people who could lead groups on the bioblitz, but also for people who can join in with the general identification effort.

See below for further details, and if you think you can help please email

Marwell Zoo is known for its more exotic residents but we care just as much about the native wildlife in our own community. Can you help us learn more about our local wildlife?
We would be very pleased if members of Southampton Natural History Society could join us on Sunday 15th September as one of our expert group leaders. As a leader you would take the lead in short surveys of identified sites within the Marwell Zoo grounds, accompanied by a Marwell volunteer or staff member, and a group of our zoo members (this is a family event so children are expected). Alternatively, if you prefer not to lead the group yourself we’d still love for you to help us identify the species we find on the day.
It would be great if in either role you could share your natural history knowledge with the other zoo member participants to help us identify species and collect some valuable information at the same time.
Our Marwell BioBlitz is aiming to:
• Promote positive attitudes and values towards local flora and fauna within our local community.
• Encourage participants to be more aware of wildlife and conservation issues in their own local community.
• Encourage enjoyment, inspiration and creativity – having fun and becoming more inspired to enjoy the natural world and contribute to its conservation.
We also hope to gain a greater understanding of the native species on our doorstep and use this knowledge to inform us when moving forward with new conservation and sustainability projects.
As well as the surveys there will also be activities and crafts available for the zoo members, and we’ll be looking at pond dip samples so we should have a really fun day.
We will provide a full training session before the BioBlitz to go through the programme and organisation of the day. If you want to take part please get in touch to let me know your availability and what your area of interest is so I can try to ensure we cover most taxa!
I look forward to hearing from you.

Vicky Warren
Learning Manager, Marwell Wildlife