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Southampton Natural History Society
The Southampton Natural History Society (SNHS) celebrated its centenary in 2012 and is concerned with all aspects of natural history in and around Southampton. The society holds regular field and indoor meetings and produces newsletters and an annual report detailing some of the exciting flora and fauna of this region.

Recording Area
Throughout this web-site you will find recent reports of some of the flora and fauna from our region. The Society has a general (and large!) recording area of all locations within 15 miles of Southampton and, for the purposes of surveys, the region south of the M27 flanked by the Test and Hamble rivers together with coastal areas near the south bank of Southampton Water.

Contacts and Membership
Membership is only £6.00 per year and current members include both beginners and expert naturalists, as well as people with just a simple interest in the world around them. Regular field meetings and interesting talks cover all aspects of natural history. The annual report gives flora and fauna records in depth and includes articles by local naturalists. Recent examples of the annual report can be found on the Publications page.

Our history

We celebrated our centenary a few years ago now. A report of our first meeting says…

Saturday October 12th 1907
At the Crabniton School on Wednesday evening, a very enjoyable gathering of those interested in natural history took place. Tea was provided at 6.30 by the generosity of Mr. R. Beck. A pleasant time was afterwards spent examining the various objects of interest brought, which included some very fine cases of beetles, part of Mr. Beck’s collection, also a series of lantern slides of butterflies and moths., diagrams, and drawings of microscopic and botanical objects, microscopes and slides, and stereographic photographs of natural objects. The next meeting will be eagerly anticipated, and it was felt by those present that this is but a beginning of a society that will prove of great assistance to all lovers of nature in the town and district.

You can read more in our Centenary Report.