Who needs a selfie stick?

Some people to great lengths to get a snap of themselves. Jan went to very short lengths to get this somewhat (very) indistinct self-portrait on the back of a Scaeva pyrastri – pied hoverfly.

New Forest Bee-Fly

The Mottled Bee-Fly (Thyridanthrax fenestratus) is not something you see everyday. Or ever before as far as we were concerned. So it was a nice surprise to find this individual sunning itself on a gravel path at Pigbush in the New Forest. The Mottled Bee-Fly requires sandy or gravelly locations as it relies on the

A chequered history

Cricklade is a ninth century Saxon town just north of Swindon. So what persuaded four members of the Southampton Natural History Society to pay a visit in late April 2015? The reason for the journey was to see the Snake’s Head Fritillaries (Fritilleria meleagris) which grow in substantial numbers at a site called North Meadow

The Space-Station has Landed…

…or almost as unexpected in a small garden in central Southampton. The second Scarlet Tiger of the year and not exactly its normal habitat. Hardly a water meadow, river bank or coastal cliff in sight. Not much comfrey or hemp agrimony either. I presume that when it wasn’t auditioning for a part in ‘2001, a

A touch of moss

I know someone who is fascinated by Bryophytes. Mosses and liverworts. Mainly mosses. But he likes extreme mosses. Hanging off trees in British Columbia. Freezing mosses in the far north. And recently up to his, well not quite his eyes, in the mires of the New Forest. Where he ruined his mobile phone, bent his

News Flash: Hoverflies of Southampton

Philip Budd –  Between 2004 and 2007 the Southampton Natural History Society produced two small books entitled ‘Ladybirds of Southampton’ (38 pages) and ‘Shieldbugs of Southampton’ (50 pages). These were very successful publications and were the product of two thorough field surveys of these insects in which as many sites as possible were covered in

A Russian visitor at Titchfield Haven

Philip Budd –   Recently I succumbed to a rare twitching urge and with spare time on my hands, unusual for 2014, I set forth to Titchfield Haven seeking the 321st bird on my rather inadequate British bird list and only the second reported for Hampshire – a SIBERIAN (or EASTERN) STONECHAT Saxicola maura. It would

Spotlight on Brimstone – the butter fly

This is the first in an occasional series of notes on one of the sightings which has been added to the records page of this web-site. And this first is about the Brimstone Butterfly (Gonepteryx rhamni), seen on 1st October in Bitterne. We all associate butterflies with the spring and summer, but many species can

All Change at Calshot

You know how you have an event planned? And then just something has to change at the last-minute. Well in the case of the early morning walk this week at Calshot it’s just the date that has changed. And the time. And the leader. And probably the location. But it will still be great –

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