Category: Birds

Morning bird song, Martin Down

On a very clear and cool June morning I was joined by two enterprising people to explore the possibilities of Martin Down habitat. On opening the car door I was surprised to hear three Skylark already in song although it was still dark. They stopped shortly afterwards but sang again later and were joined by

The Fascinating World of Thick-knees

Thick-knees are a unique group of birds found worldwide, with ten different species that share similar physical characteristics such as yellow legs, black and yellow beaks, and big yellow eyes. Despite looking alike, thick-knees differ in behavior and habitat. Here we look at the Stone Curlew, or Eurasian Thick-knee, found in Hampshire and Wiltshire in

Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve

Recently Southampton Natural History Society had a guided walk to this small jewel of a nature reserve on the outskirts of Southampton. This week a couple of us joined a small group from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) for a small mammal survey. Swanwick Lakes, once a clay pit for a local

International Dawn Chorus Day

The first Sunday in May is International Dawn Chorus Day. What started as a 4am birthday party in the 1980s – hosted by naturalist Chris Baines in the Midlands – has now spread throughout the UK and across the world. And in a little bit of the New Forest 5 hardy souls braved the 1c